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web design client feedback for incognita's workThe following comments are from various Incognita web design clients. Incognita thanks all of them for taking the time to give feedback on our work for them.

"Brilliant work Sal. Test drove everything and it all works beautifully and looks fantastic! I am loving your work! " - Alan Fletcher, Actor, talking about Incognita's work on his official website - AlanFletcher.net

"Love what you've done. Thanks very much Sal, the site looks fantastic." - Paul Dawber, Actor, talking about Incognita's work on his official website - Dawber.org

"You have done a marvellous job! Everyone loves it!" - Stephanie Hooke, Stylist talking about Incognita's work on her teaser showreel

"A spectacular job! Everyone LOVES it!!! THANK YOU!!!!" - Tor Hyams, Producer and Singer/Songwriter, Chutzpah.

"Sally, I am sitting here a bit knackered at the end of a big day. I have just up-dated a minor detail on the news page and wanted to let you know how much pleasure my new website gives me. "Gee, Rich," I say to myself, "bloody good website, eh!!" Even when I'm tired, I can look at it with much satisfaction - it looks good and its working well. I know its working well because business has improved since you rebuilt it.

But its not just that it makes ME feel good. I get constant feedback from my new clients about how much they like it and my regulars continually comment on how much it has improved. For example I received this last week ...

"Hey Richard,

Just a quick email to say you're website is looking awesome!
Looks like plenty of hours have been invested into that puppy!

Always listening, Jules Lund"

See!! They notice.

Thanks Sal." - Richard Sarell, The Rehearsal Room

"As a relatively naïve website owner, I felt completely out of my depth when I was told by my publisher to create a website that would track the release of my forth-coming audio book. My situation was further complicated by a launch deadline that was due to coincide with a live performance, already scheduled. I made a few phone calls and spoke to several designers who were both exorbitant in price and reluctant to incorporate my ideas. It was not until I was introduced to Sally McLean from Incognita Design that I felt confidant I would be able to achieve the desired result.

From our initial meeting, Sally completely understood the feel and look I was after. Within 2 weeks, I was able to view initial designs and it was clear the team from Incognita had a comprehensive understanding of my product. Needless to say, the website was live to air well inside the desired time frame and I was extremely happy with the style they had achieved - Even my publisher was surprised and delighted by the finished result. The website continues to grow in order with my wishes and Sally and the team at Incognita are always readily available to update information and news as it comes to hand. All of this has been achieved for a very affordable price and the cost of the on-going maintenance is more than reasonable.

I have had no hesitation in recommending Incognita to others and have found myself doing so on several occasions. For someone who was a website laymen, my experience with Incognita has, and continues to be, rewarding and exciting. Thank God for Sal!" - Stig Wemyss, The Tripp Diaries

"Firstly, thanks for all your work so far ... the site looks brilliant and I need you to send me a bill ... I'm massively impressed. You are doing stirling work. Positive feedback already from people I've spoken to. Have looked at lots of other comics websites in the past few days and mine's the best. Increase your fee." - Alistair Barrie, UK Actor/Comedian

"It all looks great to me - I love it! It is what I hoped it would be - thank you so much for everything!" - Todd Patrick, Patrick Studios Australia

"The mic graphic looks great. I might use it for the album sleeve! And the site is FANTASTIC! Thanks a bunch of millions Sal. Thought you'd like to see the first few responses:
"The site is fabulous - I'll save the address and check in periodically to see what you're up to"
"Saw the web page, looks fantastic, really well done. You should be really happy with it."
"Didn't look at all of it but I'm already bloody impressed, great work!"
"Cool site. Well laid out."
"The site is excellent........ I am very impressed."
"I was impressed and you are now in my favourites."

Thanks again!" - Matt Bradshaw, singer/songwriter

"The site looks FANTASTIC!! Thanks for setting it up - I love it!!" - Steve McGrew, US Comedian



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